Forward & Higher

X-15 is an American fighter plane. Its maximum speed is around 7200 Km/hr. Apparently, they are working on even faster planes. 7200 Km/hr means you can travel from New Delhi India to London in less than an hour. New Delho to London is around 6700 Kilometers.

By the way, you should also know the speed of sound – 1235 Km/Hr.

Another example would be to travel from London to NewYork in 45 minutes. In a normal flight it takes around 8 hrs.

Its been a long journey of flying for the human! It all began when Octave Chanute a French-Amercian railway engineer tried a glider design which was used by Wright Brothers to build their design of the first airplane.
Chanute reworked his designs time and again to gain extra lift while flying without adding on weight to the glider – the basis of flying.
Later Wright Brothers attached engines to the glider design and created a working model of an aeroplane.
Glider designs were further improvised..
And engines made more powerful…
With the things getting better and sturdier, flying was going to get a lot more than a mere ‘floating in air’ exercise !
One wonders how Wright Brothers and Chanute would react when they see the advancements in their inventions.
Inventions are always worked upon to make them better.
After all, that’s what we do everyday..
Be a better improved version of what we were yesterday.
And for that improvement we have to reinvent ourselves daily.

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