Sheep Jam

You put your foot down and rush to your home at top speed.

Its a fine ride and the wind seems to be flowing at an absolutely right angle!

You are gazing at the road anticipating no traffic as its a weekend.

With every mile your destinations is getting closer. The sheep that you see walking over the road seem to have lost their way. You decide to slow down and pass on the sheep only to know that the few sheep were a precursor to the huge problem that lies ahead.
A sheep jam !
Sheep seem to be oblivious of the fact that there is a gentleman trying to reach his beautiful wife !
Honk honk !! No response !!
Its sheep all around the car. As if its a sheep road and the car is the misfit !
You manage to move a little forward to only to find more sheep.. its now when you feel they might attack you if you don’t stop honking ! But then you remember sheep are peace loving and quiet creatures.
Just then a few other cars join you in the sheep jam.. making you a little relieved
And then you look at your left and find more sheep joining this flock ! God! Will this sheep jam end?
With a disgusted mood you feel like talking to one of these sheep.. to vent it out on one of them.. yiu start looking at them closely to find someone you could speak with…
And you find one who seems to be reasonable to talk to.. it looks at your with assertiveness… you ask the sheep “hey sheep! what’s your problem!!”
The sheep replies “Problem? That’s what you have … we don’t have any problem… we are only walking to our destination… you car drivers have to remain patient. Sheep can’t break their formation and rush forward. Afterall, we too need to be well mannered with each other. Why do Humans not understand this !”
The sheep continues “We have been walking on roads since ages.. and the cars have always slowed down when they pass by. What is this new obsession with honking.. huh “….

You realize that you are just a speck of dust in this universe with billions of creatures. You comply with the norms of sheep-car etiquette and decide to drag your car slowly though the flock… you also decide not to not talk about this encounter with your wife.

An interesting fact : Every year in Madrid Spain, sheep herdsmen take out their sheep on to the streets of Madrid for a walk. Its a customary ritual wherein the mayor of Madrid is paid a fee to let sheep pass by. This has been a tradition since many years and is celebrated as a festival of transhumance ! A few images below –

Images courtesy: BBC NEWS

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