Portal – where art thrives !

A brief article on a film portal about portal – an attempt by artists to make great art.

Artists of North Ossetia- Alania Republic in Russia got together to form a group to encourage each other and promote art in the region.

Albert Togoev, artist from North Ossetia invited his artist friends to paint an abandoned construction site.
Soon the entire site was graffitied by his friends giving it an out of the world look !
The place started gaining traction among other artists as well and started hosting musicians as well.
During the nights, people would gather around the bon fire and play music.
Frequent art fairs became a norm wherein pottery artists would display their art work.
And soft toy makers !
Jewellery designers
Some would simply start playing chess and other board games !
Sand artists..
Abstract art creators
A haven for people who love arts!
People came with their families to relieve themselves of their weekly stress..
To meet the Known and Unkown
Paying heir respect to the legends.

Soslan Mouraov(seen in graffiti playing a musical instrument) revived Ossetian wooden musical instruments.

In 2017, the Portal was rendered illegal as per orders of the local government.

Later, with several requests being made the government bodies obliged and provided another peice of abandoned land to the ‘portal’ to conduct its activities.

Credits for images – Go Group Media. Please watch the film on ‘The Portal’ below.

a film on the ‘portal’ by the ‘Go Group’.

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