Snippets of conversations

It was a gloomy afternoon. There are some days when one can’t really figure out what is wrong! I decided to take a walk around the office campus. Sitting at desk while one’s mind seems to be switched off makes no sense.

I would go around the campus and then might even step out of the campus. Just don’t feel like sitting in the office.
People discussing presentation in cafeteria. “You think we should keep the Ontario slide towards the end?”
Two friends were standing at the lake. “I don’t know how deep this lake is…. you can try googling it…. “
“Pizza for lunch”… “no.. pasta”… “burgers and subs”….”chinese”….
“Did you hear about Lim? You didn’t?? How come???”
“I don’t know what to say Ryan. Its a difficult thing to comprehend.”
“No it wasn’t me! It was Peter”… “Peter… Peter…. Peter!!!”
Went to the campus cafeteria and got a cold mocha… time for resuming the walk…
I decided to walk out of the campus. For some more snippets…
“Lets walk fast… this is the last train… Jim just texted, wants us to pick up some beers as well”
I decided to walk to the beach. On my way to the beach heard this man talking over the phone “I can’t come tomorrow.. i have a shoot tomorrow.. could you courier it to me please”..
On the beach a couple walked by. Probably, they were celebrating their anniversary. “This place has not changed a bit…since we came here 12 years back”.
Gradually the Sun started coming down and the street noise too became less. Heard the couple from a distance “are you tired.. should i walk slow?? Here, give me your bag”… “No no..its fine”…

Decided to return to the office campus. Pack up my bag and leave for home.

Entered the office campus to see very few people around .. a trio was walking by “Why is there no light on the streets today?” “They shut the lights after 8” …..

Oh, it’s already 8! Never kept track of time … better hurry now..

Walk was so refreshing. Its funny how incomplete conversations.. those snippets make you wonder what would have happened later in the conversation. You will never know.

If Ontario slide was placed at the end and how sis the presentation go…

How deep is the campus lake and why was he asking about the lake depth !

What did they order for lunch finally…

What was it about Lim that was being discussed…

What answer did Ryan get?

Was it really Peter? And what was it that Peter did?

Were the couple able to catch their last train?

Did he get the courier?

Was it actually their anniversary or they were siblings revisiting an old holiday destination

Did the couple finally reach their home?

And why would they shut the street lights after 8 ? That’s when you need the lights the most!

With these unnecessary questions in mind i left from office. It was an interesting end to a Friday 🙂

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