Abschied Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany will he retire next week. She served aa a Chancellor of Germany for 16 years.

As a part of farewell ceremony, Angela should provide her choice of 3 songs that are played on her farewell day.

2 of the songs are an a Christian hymn and an old Popular German song about dreams of a youngster.

The third song is quite a surprise ! Its from a german punk artist Nina Hagen. Its a German song titled “you forgot the color film”. A girl is complaining to her boyfriend for not arranging a coloured film roll to click pictures during their sight seeing in Eastern Germany.

It’s rare to have politicians that can deliver light hearted humour. The chancellor surely is a humorous lady ! Germany is a lucky country 🙂

The background of the song is of the times when there was shortage of photographic color films in Germany. Germans were critical of the newly formed Government of United Germany. The song is somewhat a sarcastic comment on a dull life that the government provides to its citizens.

Courtesy: Youtube

Abschied(German) = Farewell(English).

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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