Meet the Sun

John Hopkins University launched ‘Parker’ in August 2018. It took more than 3 years for the aircraft to reach the outermost layer of Sun.
In December 2021, Parker sent confirmation to reach the outermost layer of the Sun. Parker had travelled a distance of 8.5 million Kilometers. Distance between Delhi to Mumbai is around 1500 Kilometers. It’s a miraculous feat to have a man made object fly such a large distance.
This is the first time man was able to reach the periphery of sun. The Sun does it every day. During the sunrise, it takes around 8 minutes for the sun’s rays to reach our planet.
And as the Sun rises further, it lights up the world around us.
Only to make us realise that how small a man is as compared to the nature.
It sets the stage of life welcoming us to sit and talk.
And then get out of our homes to explore the unknown.
Gradually the Sun prepares to leave.
And we return to our places that we call home.
To reflect upon how the day was.
And then to have the night watchman to bid us a good night sleep !

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