The Master of Blue Jeans

Denim/ Jeans is believed to have origniated in the US and that it was designed for miners. Hollywood introducted the fabric to masses through movies such  as ‘Rebel without a cause’ featuring James Dean.

In 2010, a series of paintings were discovered in France that suggest that Jeans was worn by Italians even before it was introducted to Americans.

The Brand Levi’s
A Levi’s store in the US
Levi’s participated in the Gay Pride parades that were held across the world.
The brand is adored by people for being the flagbearer of fashion statements.
Jeans are recognized by the rivets that are placed at particular points where the jeans would exprience maximum pressure while being worn.
There lies the comfortable wear after a day’s hard work !

While the word ‘Jeans’ was patented by Levis Strauss(of the famous Denim brand) and Jacob W Davis in 19th century, one can spot the fabric in the paintings diaplyed at Galerie Canesso in Paris. These paintings are from the mid 17th century and capture stills of a poor family.

The painter is being called by a pseudoname – ‘Master of the Blue Jeans’. The fact that paintings were normally commissioned by the wealthy in the olden times, these paintings are an exception to what is available from those times.

Jeans is also stone washed. Stone washing is done to soften the denim fabric. *The picture is not a representation of how a jeans is stone washed. That is just a Jeans fallen from one of the cloth slings on a balcony !

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