An indian painter who lived in Basohli Jammu India worked in the court of local ruler.

He was one of the painters who introduced Mughal elements into Pahari paintings. The word ‘Pahari’ means mountianeous. Pahari painting was practiced in Himachal and Jammu regions.

Nainsukh’s ideas behind his paintings were to capture the candid moments of the subject. In lot of his works, the ruler Raja Balwant Singh is the subject.

Raja Balwant Singh captures while holding his court.
An ongoing counselling session by a sage.

Being from the family of painters he got craft with pedigree. Instead of continuing the painting style that his family endorsed, he experimented further to create his own style of painting.

Raja Balwant sitting in a Hindu worship ceremony.
Raja viewing paintings of horses to buy.
Raja Balwant Singh hunting a bustard with an associate hiding behind a bull.
Raja Balwant Singh puffs his hukkah(kind of cigar) while fort maids carry on their chores.

Art historian Professor BN Goswamy in an interview with DNA India said – β€œThe price of a painting is no indicator of its value. However, one of his paintings was auctioned for two million dollars last year, and this may give an idea of what collectors think of him,”

Pictures credit- Google Arts & Culture, Wikipedia, Lahore Museum and Chhatarpati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalya.

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