One of the 5 major rivers that flow in India & Pakistan Chenab has its distinct identity in the cultures of the region.

Originating in Lahul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh India, it travels through Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab before entering Pakistan and then eventually meeting the Indus river that takes it to the Arabian sea.

Called as the river of romance, there is a famous quote that signifies how loved the river is. It mentions Ganga and Yamuna, two holy rivers in north of India.

Ganga can make you God, Yamuna can make you Goddess… but it’s only Chenab that can make you a lover.

Let’s take a tour of the Chenab.

Literally meaning moon river,it is the most celebrated river in the region.
Some of the folk tales – love stories like Soni Mahiwal, Mirza Sahiban, Heer Ranjha have mentioned Chenab in their backdrop.
Lovers have crossed Chenab in pursuit of their beloved !
Chenab in Jammu region in India. Here the river is approaching a dam (Salal dam) in Jammu.
Salal dam on Chenab – 1
Salal dam on Chenab – 2

Bidding adieu to Chenab ! ❣

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