crane you do this?

Cranes can stand on one leg for a lot of time. It is called roosting which is when birds are resting at a safe and peaceful location.
Actually, Cranes/flamingos’ legs can dissipate heat from their body. In order to minimize the heat loss, they like to fold one leg and secure it in hairy abdomen. This is like us trying to stay warm by tucking our hands in pockets.
Several other birds too have this anatomy that allows them to conserve their heat while resting.
Ornithologists(researchers of birds) have now discovered that it’s easier for a crane to stand on a single leg. The leg’s bone structure has alignment that facilitates entire body mass to balance on a single vertical stand. Standing on 2 legs is more energy consuming.
To confirm the above, they tried balancing a dead flamingo on its single leg. They realized that even for a dead flamingo , the body mass seem to be balancing on a single leg without much support.
One can also see cranes sleeping by tucking their heads in the abdomen mass. Well, this one just woke up !

On a different note, scientists have found out that for humans to be able to stand on a single leg for longer duration can indicate a longer lifespan. Try standing on a single leg with your eyes closed. If you can manage for long, it means your brains capacity to calibrate your movements is quite high.

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