Indo-Vietnamese concoction

India and Vietnam are around 3200 kilometers away. Quite different cultures and lifestyles – the two countries are still having a few things in common and look forward to collaborations on several fronts.

India had supported Vietnam in its independence struggle against France. The two countries have been trying to forge strong collaborations since their independence.
There are a few similarities that one sees between India and Vietnam. Hinduism is one such similarity.
Mariamman Temple, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
There are remains of an old temple as well. Mỹ Sơn are remains of Hindu Temples in Vietnam that were constructed in between 4th and 14th Century  by kings of Champa who were followers of Hinduism.

In 2016, Cultural Centre of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations of India was opened in Hanoi, Vietnam. The center aims at establishing an Indo-Vietnamese collaboration among its citizens by providing Indian literature to Vietnamese population and thus encouraging them to explore India. Indian companies have also invested in Vietnam. Tata, an Indian conglomerate has started a coffee processing plant in Vietnam. HCL Technologies, an Indian IT company, also plans to start a massive IT operation center in Vietnam.

In the coming week, Delhi University’s Center for Global Studies is holding an Ambassadorial Lecture Series – India-Vietnam Relations in Changing Times: From Traditional Friendship to Strategic Partnership – Centre for Global Studies (January 18, 2022). The lecture can also be attended online.

Looking forward to a constructive and mutually benefitting relationship between the two nations.

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