IIT Jodhpur SME

Jodhpur city has some amazing forts that you don’t want to miss.
Jodhpur in Rajasthan India has always been known as a tourism destination for people wanting to enjoy ethnic indian beauty.
Jodhpur has the legacy and royalty that makes the place a charm.
It is called as blue city as its houses are painted in blue. The photographs above are all from Jodhpur.

While Jodhpur has been a famous tourist destination, it has been at a disadvantageous position when it comes to healthcare and education infrastructure.

There are schools, colleges and hospitals. However, a city needs education and healthcare as per its specific needs. Else, the city dwellers have to look out for options outside thus increasing their expenditures. To tackle these problems government of Rajasthan has been taking certain steps over the years.

Lets take an example. A district named Sirohi has artisans working on sandstones to be used in India and abroad.

But the techniques used by the labourers are dangerous as they get exposed to sandstone dust and hence get afffected by Tubercliosis or silicosis.

To tackle this problem IIT Jodhpur came out with some customized machines that can precipitate the sandstone to not let it mix with the air to breathe.

IIT Jodhpur is also working on an automated system that can be used to upload Xrays that can be viewed by Doctors through internet.. This will help them to diagnose the disease faster.

Now, IIT Jodhpur has another feather in its cap – IIT Jodhpur SME.

The institute is built on the idea of financial autonomy such that its corpus can be used to hire faculties from across the world who could guide the institute to eradicate economic problems that the region faces.

IITJ SME has been preparing students to join the workforce with an entrepreneurial instincts. In the coming days, the institute is inviting participants to join them for an online business festival. The festival will give the students an opportunity to participants to understand economics and business through case studies and live projects.

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