World’s largest embankment dam, Aswan dam is a pride of Egypt that drives the economy of the surrounding areas.

It is believed that earlier in the 11th century, the caliph/king invited an engineer Ibn al Haytham to consider the possibilities of regulating the flow of Nile.
The polymath and engineer studies the terrain and. Concluded that it was not possible to construct a dam.
Later the Britishers attempted to make a low dam in Aswan area on Nile.they finished the dam at just the beginnings of 20th century.
As the earlier dam was a low dam, Greek-Egyptian engineer Adrian Adani proposed to the Egyptian monarch the construction of a high dam with much larger capacity. The proposal was rejected by the monarch but later accepted by the government formed after the monarch was overthrown.
The Aswan dam was later completed with the help of USSR.
The dam is 4000 meters in length.
The dam is quite vital to the people of Egypt for irrigation and Electricity.
Aswan also has temples of Abu Simbel. The temples were shifted to a nearby site when lake Nasser was to be constructed or else the temples would have got flooded.
The temple is an exception because it’s made in the honour of a queen. Generally the temples are made honouring Kings.
Also, in the temple, the size of king’s figure and its consorts is equal.
One may also visit the local mosque El-Tabia for its architecture.
Or take a short detour to the local market and find the local population.
Spices at the market.
One of the most cherished activities at Aswan is the water sports activities.
One gets to travel in steamers plying on Nile and enjoy the picturesque sunsets.
You may also go for a quiet and private sail boat to remember a sunset forever !

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