There’s a spot !

Once upon a time, there were no parking lots. There were fewer cars and people would park anywhere they wanted to. But then number of cars on roads increased to such large numbers that parking on undesignated places started causing jams. And that’s how cars got their parking lots ! Here’s a look at a few parking types.

Perpendicular parking – one can drive in and park adjacent to parked cars. Can be difficult if it’s a crowded parking and one gets a limited space to manoeuvre through the gap.
A closer look of perpendicular parking.
Cars Parked in an Open-Air Car Park
Angular parking : easiest way to park and leave !
Aerial View of Different Parked Cars
Computerised multilevel parking. The Robotic system parks your vehicle in one of the slots and retrieves it automatically.

Let’s explore other parkings that seem to be quite unique.

‘Make best use of space’ parking
Crowded Parking Lot
Reminds of Lego pieces lying around?
Aerial View of Parked Cars
My 3 year olds Hot Wheels collection ?
parking lot
Candy Crush parking!
Aerial view of car parking top view
Parking around the community centre.
Aerial view of cars
‘Cars are on a holiday’ parking
Cars Parked  on the Street
All around the town hall parking
Sea facing parking
Parked ambulance car on the roof of the building. Shimla, India
Let’s call it a day parking 😊

5 replies to “There’s a spot !

    1. Yes, parking is a nightmare indeed. May be we need to think of some innovative ideas to solve this problem. Also, discourage people to buy extra cars. Thanks for the comment.


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