Released in February 2022, the song Pasoori is a delight !

Coke Studio Pakistan takes pride in presenting some of the best renditions of folk songs. The performance is usually shot in a studio with musicians and singers. The set is warm and glitters with lights as the singers and musicians weave musical notes and vocals.

Pasoori however changes the presentation. The set is subtly colorful. The decorations in the backdrop, layout and props complement the performances by the artists.

Ali Sethi – a multifaceted artist with sublime performances delivers an engaging performance. Co-writer of the song, Ali spotted the opening line ‘Agg Lavaan Majboori Nuu’ at the back of the truck on his way to Lahore. Other performances to watch out for : Ranjish hi Sahi Coke Studio; An incomplete thesis on Anarkali(if you find it on internet).
Shae Gill – An impressive maiden performance ! Enjoys every bit of it !! Her recent interviews with BBC Pakistan are a must watch.
What a delight to have Sheema Kermani in the performance. Nominated for Nobel peace prize in 2005, Sheema Kermani is a school of ‘what exactly is culture’. Citing The Print, Sheema was learning Bharatnatyam in Delhi when Pakistan’s General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq banned dance in Pakistan. Later the General banned the traditional wear Saari but Sheema Kermani was comfortably donning Sarees celebrating a culture that considers personal choice an integral part of being. Her book Gender, Politics and Performance in South Asia highlights how art can play a vital role in bring people together who belong to different walks of life. It also brings out a different narrative of Pakistan that one would not find in the popular media.
Performance is uniquely shot. As the video depicts a melting pot of different personas and how all of these thrive together, the treatment is kept candid. The video has the innocence of a school band playing for the annual day at school. Everyone participates !
Props used are the reminder of the olden times. Be it the transistor radio, the pictorial magazines, the hair styles… the retro appeal is relatable to the entire subcontinent.
Visuals also get artistically abstract.
Introducing the viewer to an alternate style that is untraditional but strangely relatable. Possibly, our societies have evolved to be more accepting of the ‘untraditional’. The performance is a testimony.
and the dancers smoothen the reprises !

Images Courtesy : YouTube

7 replies to “pasoori

  1. Pasoori. I have heard this song. Coke Studio has a large popular fanbase.

    I can observe that the music, rhythm, lyrics and presentation have resulted in overall a beautiful craft.

    However, I still didn’t get the clear meaning of this song. You have shared some useful insights.

    I’m definitely going to give one more try to this beautiful song.

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  2. Thank you Sastya. I can recommend you another recent one at coke Studio – ‘Tu Jhoom’ by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal. While ‘Pasoori’ is romantic, ‘Tu Jhoom’ is Spiritual. Do give it a try. Thanks for sharing your observations !


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