Kohinoor means ‘Mountain of light’ in Persian.

Kohinoor is one of the biggest diamonds ever cut and polished. Currently decorating the queen of England’s crown, the diamond has traveled thousands of miles and hundreds of years to reach England.
Mined in Kolar mines in India, it was owned by rules from various dynasties like Khilji, Mughals, Afsharid and Sikh empire.
Legend has it that once the diamond was also owned by a Muslim cleric who was unaware of the value of the diamond. He was using the diamond as a paper weight !
The diamond had a reputation of being the most expensive diamond ever in the history. It was estimated that the cost of the diamond was equal to the cost of feeding entire world’s population for 2-3 days.
As the diamond was owned by dynasties originating in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, all the countries claim their ownership on the diamond. The all countries believe that Britishers acquired the diamond by force. As per these countries British forced and cajoled a minor king into surrendering the diamond. British, on the other hand, claim that the diamond was legally acquired.
Attempts are on to get the diamond back to its actual owner. Finding the actual owner is another difficult task. Image Courtesy – Wikipedia.

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