Nigerian Afrobeats

Afrobeats is gaining popularity across the world. You ask what is Afrobeats? Well, it is a Nigerian music genre that has groovy percussion and is influenced by several music generes across the world. Artists are creating remixes in Afrobeats for original hits. For instance below is a remix for a Justin Bieber song –

While music is a personal choice and one may not like what others do, this can be analyzed to understand how a country is emerging from an age old branding of being impoverished and underdeveloped. Its interesting to see how Nigerians are creating and evolving this music genre to become their country’s brand. Something similar happening in Nigeria how music in India evolved. Indian music was carried to other geographies through films, radio and cultural exchanges. Remember ‘Mera Joota hai Japani’ by Raj Kapoor that became a huge hit in Russia? Or how Sitar performances by Pt Ravi Shankar in US and Europe made the world appreciate the craft that india possessed. Wishing the same and best for Nigeria in the future !

There is also another term – Afrobeat. the two terms are generally conflated while connoisseurs of music prefer to keep them separate. Afrobeat originated in 1960s and was made famous by Fela Kuti. You may want to watch the below video of Fela Kuti to get some idea of how Fela Kuti was liked by people.

Another video below about how the two music generes differ.

Featured Image courtesy Wikipedia. Videos courtesy Youtube.

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